I really feel good when people call me their Life Management Counselor or Consultant or Motivator. If I can bring back the lost smile on the faces through my efforts, then it’s one of the greatest achievements for me. Making human life healthier and wealthier is my motto. I can help you in every walk of life whether it’s personal or co-prorate. Read on to know how, when and where I can help you.


Vijay Goel has sound educational background with graduate degree in Sciences from traditional academic institutions. This scientific bent of mind helps him in analyzing horoscope and also in performing better in his field. Besides, this he has completed his Masters in Business Administration too, from Bhartia Vidya Bhawan, Mumbai. He has done Jyotish Visharad from (ICAS). He has learnt astrology directly from some well-known scholars of the world. His keen interest to help mankind diverted him towards this field. He started it as a hobby, but now this his full time career. He believes that there is a lot to explore in this field.

What can I do for you?

Every problem has a solution. We have heard about this, but this holds really true here. No matter whatever is your problem, whether it’s related to marriage, career, love, education, your business, finance, etc. I can assist you in every way!!

Man can make his destiny to a large extent within the orbit of his pre-ordained karma. A hard-working astrologer can see it, predict it, and guide it. Perfect timing for certain actions can bring fruitful results, you might all agree with that. But, a layman cannot judge that which time is favorable and how. Here I can help you. I use various tools of Jaimini and Parashara system which includes divisional charts to evaluate and conclude the event. Jaimini Chara, Parashara Nakshatra dasas & Nadi Transits to time the events. I use Lal-Kitab and its Varshphal for remedial measures along with Vedic remedies. . I follow dependable theories which are proven by statistics over period of time on thousands of horoscopes simultaneously adhering to the classical theme and theory of the Rishis.

I am here to help & guide clients to identify their potentials & options and to time the events.


Following are the associations for which Vijay Goel has worked for:

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Guru Ji’s accuracy is just astounding! Although I never trusted astrology before, but your advice has changed my whole outlook and my life too. I don’t have words to admire him; he has really helped me a lot. Your enthusiasm is contagious and I am grateful for your willingness. Everything you did proved to be right and fruitful. I will never forget this. Thanks again for all of your help.

Alan Oken