Pre – Marriage ProblemsProgeny problem is not a small issue for married couples. In spite of having all the capabilities and good physical power too, people can’t complete their life with kids. And all this creates frustration and in some cases results in some types of violence also. Read on to know how I can help you here.

Delay in Child Birth

Delay in child birth can be due to a number of reasons which can be spiritual as well as medical too. I can help you by providing some solutions to your problems.

Best Time for Surgical Birth

If your Gynecologist has adviced surgery for the birth of your child, then why not go for the best time to undergo the procedure.


Miscarriages is a severe problem for ladies, if you are the one who is going through this , then consult Guru ji for immediate solutions.

Best Time for IVF Procedures

Those who are planning to undergo IVF treatment should opt the best time to get favorable results. Most of the cases of IVF fail at first attempt even most care is taken by doctors. Through horoscope analysis of husband and wife and best favorable time periods can be calculated to ensure the divine help with medical support.

@ INR 3500/- per Couple

Guru Ji’s accuracy is just astounding! Although I never trusted astrology before, but your advice has changed my whole outlook and my life too. I don’t have words to admire him; he has really helped me a lot. Your enthusiasm is contagious and I am grateful for your willingness. Everything you did proved to be right and fruitful. I will never forget this. Thanks again for all of your help.

Alan Oken